Monday, October 22, 2012

Six Flags Over Georgia Review

  My Daughter and I went to six flags this weekend and Im really not sure if I liked it or not because when we first got there we got yelled at by a worker to get of the grass,this kind of pissed me off because I thought it was rude and my four year old daughter cassidy is highley sensitive and gets upset when some one yells at her so she got upset and started crying,so I told the women that I hoped she was happy and that she didnt need to be rude I realize that I may have over reacted alittle bit but no one is gonna yell at my baby and get away with it.I also did not like how high the prices were on every thing I mean like a bottle of water costed five dollars.Oh and some of you may be wondering why take a 4 year old to six flags? it was my aunts idea I am very grateful she bought the tickets for us that was very nice the only problem is I dont like roller coasters and my daughter is TERRIFED of them I would have asked her to take the tickets back but she couldnt so I didnt want to waste money so I loaded up cassidy and drove to georgia (We live in a very small town in north carolina) other than all of that we actually had alot of fun except for the part where a clown tried to scare my daughter and instead scared the shit out of me and made my daughter turn pink she was lauhging so hard.


 So my four year old daughter has been misbehaving alot latley....ussually I can put her in time out and tell her not to do it again but any more when I try that she just goes back to doing what I told her not to do.I dont believe in spankings and I dont want to yell at her....I have asked so many people what to do and they are either to harsh or their ideas dont work.SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!